Use Gift Cards to Drive Sales and Reduce Processing Costs

Use Gift Cards to Drive Sales and Reduce Processing Costs

When the holiday season turns down, I reflect on some of the activity I witnessed. Especially here, Im just talking about how I saw gift cards used. This year, unlike many in the past, there were several major retailers as well as national restaurant chains offering things like Buy a $ 20 gift certificate and add an extra $ 5 to us, or buy a $ 50 gift card and add an extra $ 10. Of course, if the big national chains do, there must be major benefits to drive future sales. Lets look at some ideas that you may want to include in your marketing, which you may not use with regard to gift cards. All of this, of course, takes into consideration that you are currently using gift cards in your company.


If you have a keypad in your facility, savings on your processing costs are available immediately. If you have not been informed, you save money transactions with money because they run as credit transactions. But many traders, and their employees, do not do a good job trying to get customers to enter their PIN. I recommend to all my merchants that they submit an opposing sign that says something about the effect of paying with a debit card today, please enter your PIN number as it saves us in processing costs. Or, of course, you can come to something that affects it.

Gift Cards to Increase Your Average Sales Today:

Heres an idea that can help increase your average sales today. Everyone likes a deal, would not you agree? Lets say you have a customer coming to the counter and their purchases come to $ 42. Why not put a sign saying something like buying over $ 50 earns a $ 5 gift certificate or buy over $ 50 earns a 10% bonus on a gift card. It can only be an enticement for them to go back and find something else to add to their purchase today. And of course, the gift card they are awarded is good for their next visit. Lets face it if you key everything in your store and you give a $ 10 gift card, it really costs you $ 5 and will lead to more future sales.


This is a strategy that can always be used when someone comes in with a return. Usually, buyers or recipients of gifts simply want a credit on their credit or cash, depending on what is more appropriate. Of course you want to be courteous with what they want. But by making any of the above returns, they ship packing with what was once a sale and money at checkout. Offer them what they want, but possibly give them an option, who would like to refund the money on this transaction, but as an option, we would like to offer you a gift card for your refund with an additional 10% bonus or $ 5 bonus, or anything. Again, the idea here is to try and get them back into the store and respect what was originally spent and hopefully more. In fact, they can come back, use some of the gift card and do not completely empty it which would get them back in.

Gift card as loyalty card:

Some merchants use gift cards as a form of customer loyalty card if they do not actually use real loyalty cards. Tell your customers or show at your facility that all purchases over $ 20 earn a reward of a certain percentage that is automatically added to a gift card. And again this gift card is good for future visits. The difference between using gift cards as a form of rewards type program over using an actual loyalty card is that gift cards are in dollar denominations and loyalty cards can be either dollars or points. You get the thought ... just keep looking for ways to drive sales.

Well, hopefully, these ideas will help make your creative juice flow. My goal is always to go beyond trying to help my merchants save on their costs and increase sales, I pray that 2011 will be a successful year for you. Have you capitalized on the phenomenon of mobile text marketing than to drive sales? I can also share ideas with you on the topic that will blow traditional marketing methods out of the water at a fraction of the cost.

Usually you will not find this information provided by companies or representatives seeking your business. For obvious reasons. Expand your knowledge of this ever-increasing cost center in your business and finally improve your bottom-line. It will be one of the wisest investments you will make in your company that will pay rewards in the coming years.

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